WORKER ENGAGEMENT & reporting grievances

This course imparts knowledge about human rights and their violations as well as the different ways that employees can participate. Understanding in which cases and in what form complaints make sense is a prerequisite for an effective grievance mechanism or whistleblower system, as is also required in international legislation.


Worker engagement & reporting grievances SUSTIFY

The course “Worker engagement & reporting grievances” is intended to create awareness and understanding of when human rights are violated and how to counteract this. In addition to anti-discrimination, it places a focus on the general rights and responsibilities of employees.

Even where grievance mechanisms exist, they are often not understood or used in the right way. The aim is therefore to convey when issues should be considered serious problems and what options exist for resolving conflicts or making complaints.

Having been specifically developed against this background, the training course will boost the effectiveness of grievance mechanisms, reduce employee turnover and lead to more satisfactory grievance resolution.


Human rights:

The concept of “Grievances”:

Communication skills: