We want to revolutionise supply chain management with passion and new technologies. We do this not just with audits and certifications, but with collaboration with those on the ground. We focus on digital education directly with your supplier. For everyone – especially the workers themselves. We are inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


die perfekte Ergänzung für Rechts­konformität und Impact.​

Sonja Westphal is a passionate social entrepreneur who was shocked to witness the catastrophic production conditions and the high level of environmental pollution during her travels in Asia. That’s when she decided to invest her energies into making sure that outsourcing of production to such countries did not simply lead to the outsourcing of environmental degradation and to the exploitation of workers. After reorienting her career with a master’s degree in environmental and sustainability management, she decided to change not only on a private level but also to try and make a difference professionally.

Sustainable development starts with education. So why not digital training, and for the entire workforce? Everyone should be trained, and impact should be measurable. She did not hesitate before taking on the challenge and developing the first eLearning courses for factories in countries of the Global South – Sustify was born.

Sonja Westphal - SUSTIFY

Sonja Westphal

Founder & CEO

Berlin, Germany

A passionate social entrepreneur and expert in sustainable supply chain management who has worked and lived in six countries.  She holds an MsC in Marketing and Product management, an M.A. in sustainability and environmental sciences, and is lead auditor for SA 8000 and ISO 9001.

Environmental and sustainability management, international business, marketing and communications

Rivers and forests, tango argentino, value oriented people

Dubbed movies, purely capitalistic thinking, skyscrapers

Mahbub Khan - SUSTIFY

Mahbub Khan

Program Manager

Dhaka, Bangladesh

A tech-savvy consultant and trainer who is passionate about introducing Sustify courses, combining e-learning with conventional workshops.

Brand-Specific Trainings, training material development, ISO lead auditor, ZDHC, BSCI, SA8000, OHSAS, PMP, and MCP

New sustainable business models, capacity building approaches, software and technology

Lack of public transport causing traffic jam, inefficient processes, bureaucracy

Qiwen Ma - SUSTIFY

Qiwen Ma

Program Manager

Shanghai, China

A person wanting to help factories in China to respect people and the environment, to truly create more and more sustainable business – and including workers, in order to create long-term benefits for everybody.

Social compliance auditing and consulting, trainings for management and workers (social and environmental)

Pandas, photography, untouched nature, historical buildings

Pests, routine, waste in environment

Jyoti Palekar - SUSTIFY

Jyoti Palekar

Program Manager

Delhi, India

Holds a Master of Technology Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering and is passionate about helping factories to become more and more sustainable.

Design and engineering of environment protection measures, environmental and social assessments, sustainability strategy, Training and capability development.

Transparency, diversity, holistic approaches

Irresponsible consumption, Pollution, Rigid and bias behavior

Prachi Dighe - SUSTIFY

Prachi Dighe


Bangalore, India

An experienced illustrator with a Master degree in product design (traditional handicraft), with a passion to communicate with visuals beyond borders. Integrating both worlds, analogue and digital.

Graphic design and hand illustrations, UI Design, paintings, working with NGOs and social art projects.

Open communication and honest relationships, creating visuals which make a difference, colours.

Shallowness, waste in nature, discrimination based on religion.

TEAM Complaint management

Our partner for non-judicial grievance mechanisms handled more than 400 factory hotlines, dealing with over 5000 cases in total and worked with 43 well-known International brands.


Dee Lee

Managing director

Grievance Management, China

Wanting to create impact through social innovation pursuing a dream of a healthy and just society. Created the largest and one of most influential labor hotlines. His initiatives were appreciated by domestic and international entities within social innovation and the philanthropy area.

Grievance management, facilitation and mediation (e.g. strikes, severe human rights violations)

Squash, the film Clockwork Orange

Meat and fish consumption, superiority, gluttony

Ice Huang - SUSTIFY

Ice Huang

Director grievance management and communications

Grievance Management, China

Practitioner on social justice and human rights, LGBTQ and gender community cultivator, holds a Master’s degree in philosophy of science.

LGBTQ advocacy, anti-child labor, gender equality, business and human rights

Feminism, diversity, fern

Arrogance, disinformation, obedience

Yan Leung - SUSTIFY

Yan Leung

Manager hotline center

Grievance Management, China

Concerned about the well-being of supply chain workers. Major in Administration and Public Affairs Management and P.A.C.E. master trainer. Engaged in call center management for many years.

Hotline system and database management, non-judicial grievance mediation, labor negotiation, female empowerment training

Candid communication, personal development and team building, succulent plants

Chauvinism, pomp and pageantry, smoking

Mahendra Singh - SUSTIFY

Mahendra Singh

Manager hotline center

Grievance Management, India

An expert in handling labor grievance mechanisms across different industries. A holder of Master degrees in both Political Science and Communications. With a passion for sustainable education, also for underprivileged children in India.

Public Relations, sustainability and human rights, didactics and education

Reading biographies of leaders, the Manchester soccer team, power naps

Religious fanaticism and superiority complex regarding one’s own religion

Working at SUSTIFY

We are looking for people that are a fit. A fit that works both ways. We live by our values instead of only talking about them. Honesty, reliability and sustainability are important to us. We believe in supporting one another in working together towards a common goal. We are a learning organization and think in goals, not hierarchies. If you would like to know more, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.