Grievance management

with hotline access and case management to encourage reporting in your supply chain. The perfect combination: digital training for the workforce coupled with a complaints mechanism. Adapted to your industry, the respective culture and in local language. 
Beschwerdemanagement SUSTIFY

Digital training and a grievance mechanism

the perfect combination to ensure legal compliance and maximum impact.

Sustify training for your direct suppliers and our complaint management system are a great combination to minimise and solve grievances. Employees learn about health and safety and human rights, and if they discover that regulations have not been complied with or that human rights have  been violated, they can contact an independent body: the Sustify helpline. There, the calls are not only recorded, but classified according to a structured complaint process, processed (ideally resolved directly) and reported to you. Grievance management can only really work if workers have been properly trained beforehand.

With grievance management also at your direct suppliers, you can ensure that human rights and the associated social standards are not only known at your suppliers’ production sites, but also complied with. Having a grievance management system in place encourages workers to report grievances and achieves real improvements on the ground. It will also help you to fulfil your due diligence obligation under the Supply Chain Act (under which a whistleblower system will become mandatory for direct suppliers from 2023). 

A phone number that is directly integrated into the Sustify app creates trust among the workforce when reporting grievances, as this number cannot be manipulated. Professional case management by native speakers, transparent documentation and quality control by Sustify helps ensure that you avoid grievances altogether, and that any grievances do occur are quickly resolved satisfactorily.

Hinweis: Falls Sie bereits durch Mitgliedschaften z. B. Amfori, RSC (Accord) oder Fair Wear Foundation an eine Beschwerde-Hotline angebunden sind, kann diese Nummer auch direkt in die eLearning-Kurse integriert werden.

Ling-Li wants to complain

Worker Ling-Li learned about fire safety regulations in the Sustify training and knows that the factory’s emergency exits must always be kept clear. This allows workers to exit the building quickly in the event of a fire. However, Ling-Li notices that her supervisor is still stacking boxes in front of the emergency exit. She doesn’t dare say anything because he is, after all, her supervisor. What now? There is a tattered notice on the bulletin board with a complaints hotline, but at first no one answers the phone – when they do, the call center agents do not think they are the right people to talk to.

Sustify's grievance management

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